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We are a team of Match Marketing specialists involved in the marketing of companies in various fields of business
About us

We adjust and optimize advertising costs on a monthly basis
We will create a website for your business in Shopify, Wix, Tilda, WordPress
Site development

We advertise your business in the YouTube contextual media and banner network
Advertising in YouTube
We advertise your business in Google's contextual media and banner network
Advertising in Google
We advertise your business in the Facebook banner network
Advertising in Facebook
We advertise your business in the Instagram banner network
Advertising in Instagram
  1. Preparation
Preparatory stage, where we fill in the brief, which describes your project, objectives and goals. This will help us understand possible ways to solve your problem.
2. Strategy
We develop a promotion strategy, calculate the media plan of advertising campaigns. We prepare material for the creation of advertising campaigns (banner, ad text, semantic core, etc.) In the absence of the site, we create landing.
3. Launching
At this stage, we launch banner and search advertising campaigns, as well as configure analytics.
4. Analytics
A few days after the launch of advertising campaigns, we analyze the first data obtained and carry out optimization.
5. Support
After launch, we track statistics: determine the effectiveness of the created texts, keywords, adjust the semantics of search queries, regions, audience segments, etc. - All this allows you to maximize the profits from the advertising campaign.
How do we work?
Basic setting
1000 USD Advertising settings
500 USD Advertising traffic
Monthly support
300 USD Ad Account Support
500 USD Advertising traffic
300 USD For 1 page
200 USD Hosting for 1 year
We are a young team of marketing and IT specialists from Ukraine who enjoy their work.
Every day we work to find a client for our customers in different areas of business and with different marketing budgets.

At the beginning of the quarantine caused by the Covid-19 virus, we worked on the development of startups and Realizing that we are cool and know our business, we decided to create a marketing agency, match marketing agency.
Olia Kanarskaya
Design Director
Olia Mashcenko
Alexander Mashcenko
Tanya Shevchenko
Marketing Director
Bohdan Kulaha
Project Manager
Who are we?
We will take you to the digital sphere and help your business reach a new level.
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